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About Us & Scheduling

Harvey Fox is the founder of Soaring Eagle Business Solutions LLC. He is certified by Identity Management Institute as a CIPA® (Certified Identity Protection Advisor).

Our purpose is to protect and empower people.

Our mission is to help people improve their lives by teaching life-transforming skills and to deliver exceptional products and services that promote peace of mind and confidence in a world that is often times uncaring and selfish.

Download our app at www.harveyfox.info and check out our products then click below to schedule a meeting to discuss the benefits.

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Soaring Eagle Business Solutions LLC partners with credit unions and large member based organizations to bring products and services that bring peace of mind and help their members to worry less and live more.

Soaring Eagle Business Solutions LLC also works with small businesses by bringing products and services that help them to thrive and grow their bottom line. Our products will help your employees stay focused and productive because of peace of mind.

​Soaring Eagle Business Solutions LLC is a LegalShield Independent Associate.