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Identity Theft Protection
Legal Plans
Identity theft is not going away anytime soon. With data breaches at an all time high, your information is out there somewhere.

What do you have to restore your good name if you're a victim of identity theft?

IDShield is the only identity protection product that has Private Investigators included in the membership.

Learn more about IDShield by going to our Services page.
"I would like to talk to an attorney, but they cost too much."
"I wish I could have an attorney look at this document."
"I need to get my will done, but where do I start."
"I hope I won't be sued, I'd have no idea where to start."

Did you ever say that? For a small monthly premium you join nearly 1.7 million Americans that have access to law firms across America. Go to our Services page and scroll to the LegalShield® video and learn how to Worry Less and Live More.
Info for Credit Unions
Info for Businesses
Two things.

First, you had a vision, a dream to own your own business. You have insurances to protect against losses. Those insurances are re-active.

Did you know if you are pro-active and protect your business with a LegalShield® Small Biz plan, your re-active insurances may cost you less? Check it out on our Services page, then scroll down to the video.

Second, do you have employees? By offering both IDShield℠ and LegalShield® Legal Plans as a voluntary employee benefit, your employees will be more focused on the job. Their productivity will be better. Questions? Contact Us for an appointment.